Testing for Open Source projects

If you’re really passionate about software testing, testing an open source project is a great way to expand your skills and learn more about the process. Lately I’ve decided to do some testing for Drupal, a content management platform.


Why did I choose Drupal? For one thing, Drupal has a number of active IRC channels where newcomers can get answers from others working on the project. I’ve found that a tester doesn’t get far unless they communicate with developers, business analysts, and anyone else who can give them a clear picture of what the software is supposed to do, and how close it currently is to doing that.


Now, Drupal has tons of patches with a “Needs Review” status. Each patch focuses on a single change, so it can easily be reviewed, tested, and documented. Once you’ve got the platform installed, you can find a list of patches to review.



Logo for Click Counter app


Click Counter is an app to keep track of different counts for different projects. For example, you can keep track of how many rows you have stitched in a blanket, how many times you have exercised this week, and how many times you have eaten out this month, all under separate count lists. I designed the icon for the app using Illustrator.